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We would be more than happy to share any pictures on our website, they have been compressed to display
on this site and are not of the best quality. Please E Mail if you would like any pictures in better quality.

Any depictions of Wildife on this site are hopefully to bring a smile to your face. All Wildlife shown came into care at Crawdad Creek Wildlife Rehab either orphaned or injured and have been successfully rehabilitated and released back into the Wild where they belong and have been PhotoShop'd for effect. If you find, hear of or know of any orphaned or injured Wildlife, please contact us or a local licensed/permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator to give the orphaned or injured the second chance they deserve.

All work and rehabilitation of orphaned or injured Wildlife is non funded by any State or Federal Agencies and all supplies, foods, meds, housing and vet bills are paid for privately out of pocket and by much appreciated donations. It is from the love of Nature and all things living that a committment is made to unconditionally care for and successfully rehabilitate and release those orphaned or injured back into their natural habitat.

End of shameless pandering for the Critters, Thank You and God Bless....

A VERY special Thank You to you Mike and Sue for your much appreciated generosity helping us help the fur kids, you have kept their food bowls filled many a time.

Those who wish to pet and baby Wildlife love them, but those who respect
their natures and wish to let them live their natural lives, love them more.
cleargif~ Edwin Way Teal ~

Dale Coonhardt Hi, I'm Dale Coonhardt, nice to meet ya....

We truly appreciate your visiting with us and hope you will enjoy reading about some of Kawell Racing Engines history and also about some of our race cars over the years as much as we did reliving and reconnecting with good friends thru this project and the good memories and friendships made and retained.

Very special Thank You's to Deano, Linda Dill and John Redding for your help with this project.

And as always.."If ya can't have fun, then why bother doing it ?"