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Turbo Stuff continued:

While learning about the potential of Hilborn mechanical alcohol injected turbocharged VW engines, Dave was also playing around with carburetors on gasoline racing fuel and camshaft specs looking to find a winning combination for our 1/4 mile drag car.  We went thru 2 and 4 bbl Carters, 2 and 4 bbl Holleys, Mikunis, Predators, 2 1/4 SUs, you name it, we tried it with the exception of a Stromberg 97 as none of our "supposed" dry lake friends would part with one long enough for Dave to try it but Dave still laughs and says to this day "Well if they could successfully run 100% nitro thru em in the 50's, don't see why I couldn't get one to work on a dink ass turbo VW". Yielding to form follows function and with all the carbs tested working well we finally settled on the Weber 40mm to 48mm DCOE side draft carb due to the VW engine compartment space restrictions and overall appearance.  *Note:  Good friend Creighton Hunter brought over his set of triple 97s for Dave to rebuild, told Dave I would personally break his arm if he even looked like he was gonna....he didn't.

Cams,  some off the shelf worked, some didn't but we tried just about everything available at that time.  With Dave needing to work and hopefully keep the money coming into the shop,  I got stuck with changing cams,  sometimes 3 - 4 a day,  that's when I first realized how much Dave loved me, he bought me a pair of gloves so I wouldn't burn my hands tearing the still hot off the dyno engine down to try another cam.  One of our midget engine customers told us of a small cam grinding shop that would be willing to work with us and grind us whatever we wanted.  Dave was anxious to try changing up the lobe centers, ramp angle, overlap and timing events which we were now able to do and the best part....We were on our way.

Dennis McIntyre, next door at  Magnum Manufacturing,   came up with some parts for us to build him a dune buggy engine that he wanted to turbocharge.  We built the engine to our  "turbo specs"  and Dennis installed one of his motorcycle turbo set ups, a Rajay B25 (with bored out exhaust housing) and a Bendix/Zenith side draft carb.  Dennis did all the fabricating, headers, induction, etc., it ran well....  We were encouraged.

Mike Mabee,  who we had previously built a 78.4 x 92 48 IDA street/show car for use to stop by our shop after school alot and Dave asked Mike if he was interested in going turbo,  Mike said yes so he traded in his 48 IDAs and we gave him the long deal on the turbo set up.  Mike Mabee's beautiful, flawless   Street Cleaner   car was a HotVWs cover and feature car.

Mike Mabe's Street Cleaner

OCIR - Mike Mabe's daily driven carb/gasoline turbocharged street/show car  Street Cleaner
Photo courtesy R.K. Smith     1982

With his 78.4 x 92 48 IDA engine, Mike ran 1/4 mile mid to high 12's in his full factory weight plus sound system daily driven show car.  First pass off the trailer with the turbo engine he got down into the low 12's and with seat time, got into the high 11's then with refinement, larger turbo, etc., his best time was an 11.teen something at a Bug In at OCIR. Determined to get him into the 10s with a daily driven street car, Dave and Mike Mabe went to OCIR the following Wednesday night for test and tune.  Kent Dahlberg of Small Car Specialties   in Anaheim, CA was also there hoping to hype the Dellorto side draft carbs that  CB Performance  in Farmersville, CA were instrumental in developing.  The best they could get out of it was an 11.04 at a little over 130 mph.

Mike Mabe's engine

The car was daily driven to school, to work, to cruise night, etc.  In the Orange County, CA bragging rights war at that time,  Mike and his immaculate  Street Cleaner  car earned the title Orange County, CA's "Fastest Daily Driven Street Car".  The car was not kept at our shop and did not run on alcohol as some claimed, it was kept wherever Mike was and ran VP C-16 racing gas.  Mike continued showing and racing the car awhile longer, met Karen, fell in love, got married and moved on. Mike remains a good friend.....