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Customer's Cars of the Past:

The following are in no particular order, just as I find them in boxes and stacks of "stuff" or they are being sent to us.
If anyone knows of the photographer/s of any of these pictures, please let me know so I can credit accordingly OR,
if anyone is embarressed to have been associated with us,  let me know   Judy  and I will surely get your picture off
of here in less than a heartbeat !   Thanks....

Dave Lowenstein   Dave Lowenstein's 1968 Cal Look Street/Drag Car.
Please click on above picture for more pictures and info.

Larry Williams's HeadRush    "Head Rush"
Photo by   Brian Watts Photography
Larry Williams of Huntington Beach, CA immaculate chop top 1/4 mile CB Performance Pro Turbo drag car.

Michael and Mervin Durkee    Michael and Mervin Durkee
First Pro Turbo car in the 9's. 1985 - Bakersfield, CA - 9.96 @ 134 mph - 78 x 94 VW OEM case

Keith and Gwynn Seume    Keith and Gwynn Seume
First 9 second sedan in England,  9.87 at 139 mph in 1994

Kris    Kris Klingaman, what more can ya say.....
Kris, along with his best friend and Crew Chief, Dan McGrath, built their engines, we did some of their cylinder head maintanence and kept their engines dyno tuned.

Pops    The Black Magic Show and Drag car.
Photo by   Brian Watts Photography
Mike drove the 78.4 x 94 side draft carbureted turbocharged  Black Magic   car on the street when the mood
hit him, graphics and all.  "Mikey", aka "Pops", was a constant nightmare for the Santa Ana, CA Police Dept.
So many good memories....

John Redding    Past, present and long time friend, John Redding
John Redding Racing

Spoke McClenden    Spoke McClenden

Pat Nelsen    Pat "Splat" Nelsen
Photo by   Brian Watts Photography

Jesse Canales    Jesse Canales, Dallas, TX

Raymond Canales    Raymond Canales, Dallas, TX

Bob Sager    Bob Sager
Photo by   Brian Watts Photography

Ron Burney's Kingpin car    Driven by Carl Andersen, Owned by Ron Burney

Ron Burney's Showtime car    Ron Burney

Robby Bledsoe's     Robbie Bledsoe's "Spoiled Brat" car
Photo by Bob Johnson Photography

Robby Bledsoe    Robby Bledsoe's "Phreaky" car

Mark    Mark Deacon's "Red Ryder" car
Photo by   Brian Watts Photography
Mark built his own engines utilizing our Hilborn alcohol injected turbo set up as well as being a
Kawell Racing Engines  Turbo Kit dealer while still living in Hawaii.

Dan Hauglestein    Dan Hauglestein, Escondido, CA.
Photo by   Brian Watts Photography
Dan's car is the red, or second "The Ghia" repainted with a Hauglestein built engine and a
Kawell Racing Engines  turbo kit.

Mike Mabe's Street Cleaner    Mike Mabe's daily driven Show/Drag car
Mike's best time - 11.04 @ 130+ mph at OCIR in 1982 - Full weight plus full sound system, daily driven, 78.4 x 92 gas/side draft carbureted turbo engine.  And yes, Mike DID drive the car daily and it was not kept at or in our shop !

Horace Leyba    Horace Leyba of Aruba's  Road Runner   car.

Horace Leyba of Aruba's Strip Teaser    Horace Leyba of Aruba's  Strip Teaser  car.
The StripTeaser car is the ex Cary Taylor Pro Sedan car.  We also built Cary Taylor's engines

Horace Leyba
Horace receiving his new car in Aruba

Ron Townsend    Ron Townsend's Pro Turbo car

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